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Baking Industry, The

Published 1946

Vocational film about careers in baking.

Run time 9:40
Producer Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc.
Sponsor Vocational Guidance Films, Inc.
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Vocational film about careers in baking. Discussion of commercial baking industry.

Stock shots:
bread being sliced; kneading bread; baking bread at home
half-a-ton of bread dough enough for a thousand loaves of bread is mixed in one machine; assembly lines;
slicing and wrapping machine
"The End" title is written on cake in frosting;
bread deliveries;
many shots of large commercial bread bakeries;
African-American baker;
children eating pie;
nationally known schools of baking
microscopic closeup on yeast
"In some bakeries women are employed in light work such as putting frosting on rolls or cakes. but in retail business, women are in greatest demand as salespersons. Here a pleasant manner and courtesy are necessary. For women with exceptional abilities there are jobs as store managers for neighborhood retail bakeries, and for companies which operate chains of retails sales rooms in large cities."
Film details such positions available as "oven dumper" (removes bread from loaf pans) and "pan racker" (stacks pans filled with raw dough).

0 = first title

00:17 Bread being sliced
00:28 Young girl eating bread
00:32 Man eating bread
00:39 Woman in old-fashioned kitchen making bread
00:55 Baker takes loaves from oven
01:15 Wholesale bakery
01:26 Men wheeling around carts of flour
01:51 Dough mixing machine
02:25 Bread dough rising
03:02 Automated breadmaking
03:34 Man looks down through small round window in wall
03:47 Man loads oven with loaves
04:00 Montage of gauges and dials
04:37 Automatic bread wrapping
04:54 Small retail bakery window
05:30 Black bakery worker in small bakery
05:38 Baker using pastry bag
05:47 Baker making pies
05:50 Little girl and boy watching
06:05 Bakers kneading dough
06:45 Institute of Baking
06:50 Men in suits in classroom
06:55 Library interior
07:14 Chemist
07:27 Yeast cells under microscope
07:43 Man and woman bakers examine loaf of bread
07:54 Baker shows loaf to executive behind desk
08:13 Woman icing cakes
08:21 Woman behind bakery case with customers
08:57 Man fills pie shell with fruit
09:20 Hands decorate cake with pastry tube



Reviewer: cookingwithdenay - - August 28, 2008
Subject: Wow!
This is a marvelous piece of history that our children need to watch. Many children have not got a clue that years past their mother's would have been baking bread from scratch. Today, although the bakeries make our bread it is filled will all sorts of additives, artificial flavors and colors. When will we get back to the basics and start making our bread and cooking from scratch. Yes it may be more time consuming but, at least you will know what is going in your food.
Reviewer: Starino - - June 5, 2008
Subject: Baking Industry long gone
Very good
Reviewer: ERD. - - January 9, 2007
Subject: Well made film
A nice little 1946 informational vocational film about the baking industry. There are many less smaller retail bakeries now. They have been replaced by bakery sections in supermarkets.
Reviewer: bread - - August 17, 2006
Subject: interesting
interesting little film with alot of good footage. seeing all that food made me hungry! a bit boring at times, but with with plenty of historically important footage.
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - - October 30, 2003
Subject: Let's See, I'll Have One of Those, and One of Those, and Some of Those Cookies...Oh, It All Looks So Good!
This vocational guidance film focuses on commercial baking. Mostly it shows how bread is made in factories, and this is pretty interesting. ThereÃÂs also some footage of work in small retail bakeries and some of the narratorÃÂs comments here are kind of questionable. Like when listing the various electrical appliances used in bakeries, he adds, ÃÂand in some cases, ovens,ÃÂ implying that some bakeries must still use open fires. And despite the fact that the film even mentions that women have been the major bakers for thousands of years, he asserts that women are only good for ÃÂlight work,ÃÂ such as putting the frosting on cakes or being eye candy at the front counter. These mildly campy moments, as well as the excellent factory tour footage, and footage of all the goodies, make this one of the better of the vocational guidance films, which are usually pretty dull.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ***. Weirdness: **. Historical Interest: ****. Overall Rating: ****.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - January 9, 2003
Subject: Warning: White Bread ahead!
These 'Your Life's Work' films are so funny, as they present 'qualifications' to what is needed to be a baker, which of course involves Physics, chemistry and mathematics. A wide variety of bakery jobs are shown and described specifically here, like the pan loader. "The pan loader loads the dough into the pan'. The film poo-poo's the idea of women getting into the baking industry instead saying that "In some bakeries women are employed in light work such as putting frosting on rolls or cakes. but in retail business, women are in greatest demand as salespersons". So THERE. Reccomended!
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